Have you wondered what your water well driller is talking about? Some common terms are defined below.

Well Drilling Terminology

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In a confined aquifer, the cone of depression is a reduction in the head pressure surrounding the pumped well.

Keeping the bore hole filled with water creates head pressure at the bottom of the bore hole to keep from collapsing in.

The distance between grade and the water level in the well without being pumped.

Total depth.

Gallons per minute.

We drill a larger diameter bore hole then the casing we set leaving a negative space. (this is called the annular) We then fill the annular space with a bentonite grout pumped through a tremie Line (1″ poly water line) from 50 feet down to surface. This ensures ground contaminants can’t get down to the aquifer.

The use of water and air to clean the well of fine sands, and silts. And to achieve the wells maximum yield.

How far the static water table draws down while well is being pumped.

How fast the drawdown returns to the static water table.

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